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Song 43

Aug 30, 2023

It's staycation week for me and my girls as we wind down summer and get ready for school to start. Find out how we're spending our week of leisure - hint, we're not lounging around. 

Listen to my open verse of Lose Control

Listen to Teddy Swims' version

Aug 23, 2023

This week's episode was tough to squeeze in, but I did it! Listen in as I lament the bedtime routine of my 12 year old while also lamenting how quickly time is passing. You'll also hear the very new and very raw version of a new tune that came to me as I was brushing my teeth just before recording the podcast.

Aug 16, 2023

I had such high hopes of recording two episodes in Chicago but I was too busy to get the second episode recorded. Forgive me. 

This week's episode catches you up on what happened while I was at Lollapalooza and then the week following which was full of meetings and a kickass performance with a work band called...

Aug 2, 2023

I'm in Chicago for the next 10 days. It's been a minute since I've traveled. How is this all going to go? Will I still be full of excitement and energy next week? What does Lolla have in store? Stay tuned to find out.

This episode of Song 43 was recorded on he MV88+ Stereo Condenser Microphone and mixed on AONIC 5...