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Song 43

Jun 22, 2022

This week's episode talks about a song Laura wrote in 2004 called Don't Call Me Anymore and how it progressed from being an exploration in Drop D tuning to rough tracks to a fully produced track. 

This song features Mark Rahilly (producer, bass, organ), Chris Cottros (guitar), Tom Flaherty (guitar right), Brian Alex (guitar left) Dave Spak (drums) and me on acoustic guitar. 

Laura also talks about a new band project she's been a part of with some local musicians, including but not limited to Henry (lead guitar) and Hayden Ginz (drums).

If you have any questions for me throughout this process, email me at To learn how to get your podcast up and running, connect with Molly Ruland at Heartcast Media.

The podcast was recorded on the Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone into a Macbook Pro.